Baby CST and Baby Massage

At Healing Gardens, we have therapies available not just for mothers, but also their new-borns.


Baby CST with Celeste

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that can help the baby transition more easily into their new environment outside the mother’s womb. Regular CST sessions can minimize the aftereffects of any trauma caused by caesarean, forceps, vacuum and other kinds of difficult birth. CST can also help to stimulate the suckling reflex for a child that has difficultly latching, improve the bond between parents and their baby, as well as promote healthy development of the brain and the nervous system in the new-born.

Baby CST 30MIN $480 (6 sessions)
Trial session at $90.


Baby Massage with Faris

Baby massage is a system of gentle touch that can help to stimulate the baby’s central nervous system and promote relaxation. Studies have shown that regular massage for infants can reduce crying and fussiness, help them sleep more peacefully, boost their immune system and alleviate conditions like constipation and colic – this in turn can help their mummies to manage better.

Baby Massage 30MIN $420 (6 sessions)
Trial session at $80.


Baby CST & Baby Massage