CST workshop

Date:24th April, 2015 Friday

Place: Healing Gardens – 91 Tanglin Road
Time: 10:00-3:00pm (Tea/Coffee provided)

Fee: $388

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Kyoko, Founder of Healing Gardens began using Craniosacral Therapy (CST) to treat special needs children in 2002.

Within 3 months she was treating 50 children weekly. As a result she was rewarded by witnessing many miracles.

To name a few:

Speech impairments were completely eliminated.
Aggressive personalities transformed into chidren having a calm cheerful demeanor often accompanied by smiling and singing.
Children stricken with Cerebral Palsy re-gained their ability to chew food and their sense of touch.
Hyperactive children became calm.

And many many more ( see testimonials below ).

She also helped many children and adults who could not cope with thier stress at school and workplace. Their problems manifested in physical problems such as insomnia, migraines, unbearable pain in the body. And over years’s of her practice, she realised that stress was created by our problem-making mind. Mind is a useful tool if we make use of it properly, however, in the modern society, mind starts taking over everybody’s lives and creates all kinds of problems – fear, worry, anxiety, unhappiness, suffering and stress which can cause many physical problems.

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One day an idea dawned on her. Kyoko decided to share her abundant knowledge of CST methods with others.

This she is proud to announce – the creation of a CST workshop during which she will impart her real world, practical techniques and the way of connecting the intelligence with which she has successfully treated many people in Singapore and from the Asia-pacific region.

  • Veronica K.

    I am absolutely blessed to have chanced upon "Healing Gardens" for this is where I've regain my health under the skillful hands of senior therapist Faris. Not only does she have healing hands but also a deep understanding of the body. As such she is able to accurately identify the knots and kinks of the problem areas and work at them completely. Importantly, she also possess a great amount of empathy and her presence is always calming and affirming and you will definitely leave the treatment feeling refreshed, renewed, recharged with a great sense of balance. Highly recommended for those who wants more than a massage!

    Veronica K.

    Healing Gardens client under Faris for half a year.

    S. Labesse

    Very good experience with both of them. I always feel better after time spent with them. My legs, back or general condition improved. It is difficult for me when I miss and appointment. Plus they are both always in a good mood.

    S. L.

    Healing Gardens client since 2014 under both Faris and Celeste.

    L. Yap

    My son has been seeing Kyoko for his asthma, sinus and teeth grinding for a few years. He tells us that Aunty Kyoko makes him feel much better. We also noticed that he grinds his teeth less at night after a CST session with Kyoko.

    L. Yap

    Healing Gardens client since 2011.

    Silvia Buniardi

    "My son, Seth was diagnosed with mild ataxia cerebral palsy and developmental delay when he was 1.5 year old. I started bringing Seth to see Kyoko when he was 3.5 years old and after a few months of therapy I can see a quite significant improvement in his speech, motor skills and behaviour. Kyoko is a very nice lady, friendly and care for the children she is seeing, that is why Seth looks forward to see Kyoko every week. Seth is getting better every day so I really recommend this Craniosacral therapy for those who really can benefit from it."

    Silvia Buniardi

    M. Y.

    I've been well after I started the massage here. Not only their assessment and skills are always reliable but also they are with good understanding of the client condition, weather, and changes to tailor at each session. I can't miss this nowadays.

    M. Y.

    Healing Gardens client for 1 year under Celeste.