Hormone Balancing Therapy

A wide variety of our hormones are profoundly influenced by the sympathetic nervous system, and are easily thrown off balance by the body’s response to stressful situations. Our desire is to restore femininity and balance to women so that they can live fulfilled lives, both at home and at the workplace.

Our Hormone Balancing Therapy is a personalized hands-on method that combines therapeutic massage and lymph drainage techniques with the use of our essential oil blends to restore hormonal balance to the body. Each 75-minute session is tailored to the specific needs of every client, first relaxing the body then working on their issues at the root. Apart from helping clients who are unable to conceive naturally, Hormone Balancing is also helpful for others: for those who are unable to lose weight, it can aid in controlling production of cortisol and the thyroid hormones; for those who are unable to sleep, improving the body’s melatonin production. Regular sessions can stabilise the body’s secretion of hormones, and also help to alleviate other issues such as menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

For many women, becoming a mother is a large part of their aspirations, but sometimes their own body can become an obstacle to having a child. Although there are many reasons for being unable to conceive, the more common causes are due to either a lack or an excess of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone. The inability for the egg to mature and be released from the ovaries, as well as inadequate formation of the uterine lining, are due to a lack of oestrogen. Too little progesterone can cause the endometrium in the uterus to be unable to accept the egg, while an excess of progesterone in the body can cause ovulation to stop. With regular sessions of Hormone Balancing Therapy, we are able to support the reproductive system so that it becomes ready to nurture new life.

Hormone Balancing Therapy is available with our therapist Celeste Foo. Please make an appointment in advance to avoid disappointment. Respective prices are as stated below.


Hormone Balancing Therapy 60MIN $900 (6 sessions)

Trial session at $160.              


Pre- & Post- Natal Therapies

Our proven method of Pre-Natal Therapy will be your solution to a safe and easy delivery. Our amazing results show that Pre-Natal Therapy reduces complications of late pregnancy and helps the baby to grow healthily. We have a lot of fantastic feedback about deliveries under our program – the shortest was 1 and half hours for the first delivery.

At Healing Gardens, our Pre-Natal Therapy is aimed at supporting each mother. We apply various techniques to assist them in coping with their stress and minor ailments that can arise in pregnancy. The application of massage with 100% safe essential oils during pregnancy helps to relieve fatigue, alleviate tensed and stiff muscles, regulate hormonal changes and relax the body and mind.

Delivery is one of most joyful and painful experiences for all women. After delivery, the body needs to be recharged. Restoring hormonal balance is also essential. Returning the pelvis and uterus back to their normal positions prevents the mother from getting unpleasant symptoms such as prolapse of uterus in her old age. New mothers have their own problems. They can be tired from feeding or the constant activity that comes with a new baby.

After delivery of the baby, it is essential for woman to take care of her body, since the body becomes extremely exhausted after many hours in labour, and that is where our Post-Natal therapy can help. Post-Natal therapy also helps mother to get back into shape after delivery.

We also recommend Kyoko’s Stretch Mark Oil, which is safe for mothers to use during and after pregnancy. Our special blend has helped a lot of women to have no stretch marks at all after delivery.


 Pre-natal/Post-Natal Massage (with Celeste)

Celeste trained with Pregnancy Massage Australian under their NurtureLife Program to provide massage for pregnant mothers. NurtureLife is a holistic massage therapy method designed to help pregnant women adapt to the various changes occurring in their body and relieve common causes of discomfort in each trimester. The massage not only helps to provide relaxation for the mother, but also promotes a deeper connection between mother and baby. Celeste combines this with Craniosacral Therapy (CST) to free up restrictions in the pelvic and abdominal region and help to keep the foetus in the right position so that they can grow healthily while maintaining comfort for the mother. Additionally, CST can also help to encourage breech babies to turn the right way. Regular sessions can aid in promoting a safer and smoother delivery, so at Healing Gardens we tailor our programme to suit each mother’s needs, so that we are able to support them from their first trimester up to the final month of pregnancy.


Pre/Post-Natal Massage 60MIN $900 (6 sessions)

Trial session at $160.              


Pre-natal and Post-Natal LDT (with Faris)

Faris combines soft/deep tissue massage work with her Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) to alleviate various conditions that might affect the mother both during pregnancy and after delivery. Faris’ array of techniques are not only able to reduce water retention, but also prevent mastitis and reduce back and neck strain from breastfeeding after the birth. Regular post-natal sessions can help mother’s to cope better with the physical demands of raising their baby, and additionally aid them in retuning more quickly to their condition from before pregnancy.


Pre/Post-Natal LDT 60MIN $900 (6 sessions)

Trial session at $160. (Limited timings available, please book in advance to avoid disappointments.)



Hormone Balancing, Pre & Post Natal Therapy