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Address Healing Gardens
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Singapore , 247918
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会社概要 – ヒーリングガーデンズ


「ヒーリングガーデンズ」はホリスティック・ヒーリング・センターとして、オーナーで創立者のKyoko により1999年に設立された。  芯から寛ぎ癒される至福の時間を持つことが、真の健康をもたらすという信念のもと、明らかな効果が得られるセラピーとしての、アロマセラピーとクラニオセークラル・セラピーを提供し、心と身体のバランスを回復し、健やかな方向へと変えていく場所として、広く支持されている。

* リンパドレナージュ・セラピー
* リンパドレナージュ・スリミング・セラピー
* リンパドレナージュ・フェイシャル・セラピー
* 産前セラピー
* 産後セラピー
* クレニオセークラルセらピー

頭蓋仙骨セラピスト(Upledger Institute 認定)


同じ頃、 The Work Sanctuary での精神的な自己発見講座 “Pathways to Wholeness”を受講するようになり、自分が本当に心から求めているのは、ヘルスケアに携わるセラピストになることだと気付く。






Company Profile

Healing Gardens Company Profile


Healing Gardens is a holistic healing centre located in Singapore, set up in 1999 by owner and founder, Kyoko Saeki. With a strong conviction to promote clinical and holistic aromatherapy and craniosacral therapy to maintain mind-body balance, she believes that every individual deserves the right to rest their body, mind and soul to maintain the balance in life. The centre is the realization of her dream to offer a safe place to people to transform their minds and bodies. Kyoko’s wish is for each and every person who comes to the center to experience “bliss-consciousness”, which is very important for both the mind and the body’s the well-being.


Swapping Petroleum for Healing Oils

Tired of the corporate world despite the big bucks, Kyoko Saeki abandoned a lucrative career as an oil broker to answer a calling to become a healer of tired bodies and minds. In 1997, she was ending her career in the oil industry after realizing that her soul purpose was to provide a safe place for people to transform their minds and bodies through aromatherapy.

As a broker, she worked long hours and negotiated naphtha and petroleum contracts under tremendous stress. Even after work hours she found herself mentally preoccupied with numbers and obsessed with the ups and downs of the crude markets. As the stress weakened her immune system, visiting the doctor every month either for flu or persistent headaches became a part of her life. She kept Panadol on her office desk so she could reach out for them when headaches struck especially since she had to negotiate with traders on the telephone for hours.

Then she discovered essential oils. She stumbled upon the oils when her friend who had just returned from England gave some to her as a souvenir. Struck by the positive effect the oils had in altering her mood, she found herself less irritated and better able to concentrate on work as her headaches alleviated.

Around the same time, she enrolled in “Pathways to Wholeness”, a spiritual and self-realization course at The Work Sanctuary. Having had enough of nine years in the petroleum industry, which she felt was characterized by pressure, stress and a widespread penchant for money and materialism, she chanced upon a life-transforming opportunity through her delightful experience with essential oils.

Armed with three diplomas in aromatherapy/anatomy, physiology and massage/ reflexology, she set up Healing Gardens, a holistic healing centre, in 1999. The aromatherapy centre was the realization of her dream to offer a safe haven in which people could transform their minds and bodies. “I wanted for those who came to the centre to experience a bliss-consciousness, which is very important for our well-being,” says Kyoko.

Her early years of practice as Aromatherapist also helped her to write Hormonal Balancing Programme to share her knowledge with her co-therapists, which they could then use to treat women during and after pregnancy. When she launched her Aromatherapy practice, she attracted many women who were suffering from irregular menstruation, cramps during menstruation, infertility, PMS, menopause. She experienced unexpected yet wonderful results in restoring the hormonal balance of many women so that they could have children they desired.

Kyoko, now a well-settled Singapore Permanent Resident, researched how doctors in Japan were using essential oils to treat a host of medical conditions. Essential oils work very much like any other medicines due to their bio-chemical effects. The molecules of essential oils also reach the limbic system in the brain to affect our mood and emotions.

Today, Kyoko and her team at Healing Gardens offer more than just aromatherapy: they combine customized essential oil blends, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) and Kyoko’s specialized CranioSacral Therapy (CST) techniques to help restore perfect health to each individual.





住所 ヒーリングガーデンズ
91 タングリンロード #03-07
シンガポール , 247918
電話 (65)6733 3507
ファックス (65)6733 7910



Disinfectant Spray

Disinfectant Spray


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リンパドレナージュ (ファリス先生)

リンパドレナージュ (ファリス先生)

リンパドレナージュセラピー (ファリス先生)




LDT 60分 (ファリス先生)
コンサルテーション 6回 $900
トライアル 1回 $180

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