LDT & LDT (Body + Face)

Lymph drainage is a gentle form of massage that encourages the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues and back to the heart. LDT can not only revitalise you, it will also help to reduce stress, improve your immune system, metabolism and energy levels – so that you not only look good on the outside, but you also feel good on the inside.

Founder of Healing Gardens, Kyoko maintains her optimal weight and stays in healthy. However, more than ten years ago, she looked and felt terrible. Then working as an oil broker, her health was declining rapidly and she had frequent headaches and lower backaches. Her menstrual cycle was irregular and felt tired all the time. After using tested 100% pure natural essential oils and having regular lymphatic drainage treatments, she now maintains the same weight as when she was in her 20’s and keeps healthy body.

Kyoko’s desire is to share her secrets of weight control with other women: “I feel really sad when I see women looking older than they should and suffering from undetected and untreated problems”.

LDT and LDT (Face + Body) are available with our therapist Celeste Foo. Please make an appointment in advance to avoid disappointment. Respective prices are as stated below. Intensive packages are also available for the following treatments to achieve maximum results in a shorter time.


LDT with Celeste Foo

Therapist Celeste Foo started working at Healing Gardens in 2011 under Kyoko’s mentorship, since then she has obtained a diploma in Lymph Drainage Therapy from ITEC in 2011 and completed the basic course for Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy at Singapore General Hospital.

Celeste makes use of both Lymph Drainage Therapy and Aromatherapy massage with Healing Gardens’ specially blended oils (Slimming, Cellulite or Detox) to help the client to achieve not just a healthier, slimmer body, but also improve their overall well-being.


Healing Gardens offers the following programs with Celeste:

LDT 60MIN $960 (6 sessions)

Trial session at $180.

Healing Gardens also offers Kyoko’s secret blend of Slimming Oil to be purchased for home use in conjunction with our LDT- Slimming Program.

One of our long-term customers, Amelia, has been using our Slimming Oil for last 10 years and it has kept her slim and fit. When she had her first consultation with Kyoko in 2000, she was much heavier and felt constantly tired. She was suffering from frequent tension headaches and throat infections. After using the Slimming Oil, which is not only effective for weight loss but also effective for detoxifying the body, she now has a very healthy and attractive body. She looks fabulous and much younger than her age.


LDT Body + Face

LDF is one of the newest innovations by Healing Gardens’ founder, Kyoko Saeki. She combined LDT technique with CranioSacral techniques which she specializes in.With LDF, three essential flows in the body are stimulated, blood circulationlymphatic circulation and flow of cerebrospinal fluid which nourishes our brain cells and nerves along the spine.

By nourishing the skin, ageing lines are reduced and skin will become firmer, giving it an instant face lift à la Botox while eliminating those unsightly eye bags.

LDT Body and Face 90MIN $1430 (6 sessions)

Trial session at $240.

Products that complement our Lymphatic Drainage facial include our specially made Rose Water.

To preserve her skin, Kyoko uses Healing Garden’s special blend of Rose Water after cleansing her face in the evening.  It nourishes the skin and gives her a bliss-consciousness with its’ beautiful aroma.  To make our Rose Water, Healing Gardens uses only a premium Rose Oil called Rose Otto which is very rare in the market place, as it costs $580 for just 5ml. Our Rose Water is made-to-order and must be ordered in advance.


LDT Face + Head Massage

Relaxing Lymphatic Drainage on the face to lift and brighten, removing water retention and toxins, combined with Tension Release massage on the head, neck and shoulders – to stimulate blood circulation and relieve tension in the muscles.
This therapy can be done fully-clothed, and will help to combat the negative effects accumulated by constant use of computers and devices, poor posture, and even tension caused by daily mask-wearing.
Recommended for clients who have the following conditions: stiff neck and shoulders, migraines, brain fog, sinus inflammation, jaw tension, puffy face and eyes, poor sleep quality.

LDT Face and Head Massage 30MIN $480 (6 sessions)

Trial session at $90.


– Individual Session – Cash or by Paynow
– Package – Cash, Bank Transfer or Paynow

Please kindly note that we are not able to accept Credit Card payment in our Centre. Credit Card payment is only available for our products when ordered via our website.


About Celeste – Therapist

Celeste started working at Healing Gardens in 2011 under Kyoko’s mentorship. Since then, she obtained diplomas in Aromatherapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Anatomy & Physiology from ITEC (2012), a certificate in Pregnancy Massage from NurtureLife (2013), and then a diploma in Specific Sports Massage from ITEC in 2014. Celeste has also undergone training in Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage at Singapore General Hospital. Celeste is currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Rehabilitation and Health Science with Charles Sturt University.


What our clients have to say about Celeste:

“I’ve been well after I started the massage here. Not only their assessment and skills are always reliable but also they are with good understanding of the client condition, weather, and changes to tailor at each session. I can’t miss this nowadays.”

M. Y.

LDT & LDT (Body + Face) with Celeste